Selecting a Resource for Your Learner

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Although some of the online resources in The Hub have been selected for specific learner groups, most can be adapted and modified across a range of levels. Use the following criteria when selecting resources for your learner.

Criteria for Online Resources:

  • Skill Level: Does this resource meet the skill level, needs and interests of my learner?
  • Culture: Is the resource culturally appropriate?
  • Pictures: Are there clear pictures to support the text and intention of the resource?
  • Easy & Clear: Is the resource text uncluttered and easy to read?
  • Website Navigation: Is it easy to navigate and move around the resource website?
  • Links: Are there few external links?

Criteria for Apps and Other Tools:

  • Can the app do something we can’t do otherwise?
  • Does it have content relevant to adults?
  • Does it facilitate literacy development and give the adult learner independence?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it multipurpose?
  • Does it have a text to speech function?
  • Is it compatible with a range of devices?
  • Does it have photos?

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