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Spelling, Reading and Writing

About Learning as an Adult

The VALBEC publication “A Fuller Sense of Self” now has a set of learning materials for adult literacy learners, including video interviews with the people behind the original book. (VALBEC = “Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council“)

The Resilience project from ACAL gathered many stories of adult learning from around the UK and Australia.

Learning to Learn

Learning Style has an online questionnaire to help you work out your learners’ learning styles. Learning style influences how you best process information and solve problems. Be aware however that for some educators, learning styles have been thoroughly discredited.

Networks to Join (for the adult literacy tutor)

Overview about teaching literacy to adults

Dr Cheryl Knight has put together an impressive collection of ideas and research in “Inspire a Life of Reading” (Appalachian State Uni, 2005. PDF). The book is sorted by “Alphabetics” (phonics and spelling), Comprehension, Fluency, Vocabulary and Realia.

Worksheets and other pre-prepared learning activities

There are a few sites that let you either generate worksheets or download printable worksheets, for example

Sites with a shared pool of learning materials

On creating your own learning materials

The NCSALL (USA) has a thoroughly researched handbook on “Creating Authentic Materials and Activities” for adult literacy learners (Jacobson et al, 2003. PDF). (Available also via this page, or the LiNCS collection.)

Numeracy Resources

Building Strength with Numeracy is an Australian resource by Beth Marr and accessible on the VALBEC website. Available to download in PDF sections, such as:

Skillswise- Maths has activities that cover numbers, calculation, percentages & fractions, measuring, shapes & graphs.

Read Write Now! is a program supported by Training WA. They have some collections of links to

Skillswise English & Maths for Jobs – level 1 is the essential level of literacy, numeracy needed to undertake the jobs listed.

Visual fractions has a good take on understanding fractions, and plenty of activities for practice.

ERCWA Mirrabooka has some good printable resources, including a unit on money.

Money Smart from ASIC has a large collection of resources for learning about money skills.

The Virginia Adult Learning Resource Centre has some picture-based learning activities focussing on money.

FunBrain has an activity on calculating change, and you can choose Australian currency.

Tutor Training Videos

Other Topics for a Thematic Approach

Indigenous Australia

The Healing Foundation has a resource kit for teaching learners about the Stolen Generations. Lessons are complex, and aimed at various school levels, however there are parts that could be adapted for a group of adult learners.


News & Current Affairs

Behind the News: At the ABC’s BTN, you can watch the news item and read the transcript. Although created for upper primary school children, this site can be excellent for intermediate and above EAL learners and adult literacy learners.

  • Pre-teach key vocab before watching and get learners to predict content from prior knowledge.
  • The teacher’s pack is full of discussion activities and links to other resources.

Breaking News English has interactive news in 7 levels, with plenty of learning activities – you’ll need to be selective.

News In Level has often quirky news items from around the world. Watch the video at level 3 to predict content. The reading text are written at 3 levels. Choose level appropriate to your learner.

At “The Times in Plain English“, someone has made a plain English version of the New York Times.

Words in the New is suitable for intermediate to advanced EAL learners.

Driving & Transport


The Victorian Better Health Channel has quality, reliable up to date health information in an easy to understand format.

A Health Literacy Curriculum for ESOL Learners is the curriculum of the Queens Library Adult Learner Program suitable for intermediate level EAL learners.

Consumer Rights

Consumer Resources Victoria has real life consumer situations grouped under commerce, consumer environmental and sustainability issues, lure of advertising and reading the fine print, health and wellbeing.

Learn through video

At TED Talks & TED Ed you’ll find video talks and presentations to use with more advanced learners for note taking, summarising etc.

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