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CNLC The Resource Hub 9Online Resources

Low-Literacy Adult ESL Study Circle Guide
Although written for teachers, there are links to a wide range of interesting articles for tutors who want to develop an advanced understanding of Low-Literacy Adult ESL learners.

Building Literacy with Emergent Learners.
A teacher demonstrates her use of the Language Experience Approach; part of a series of accessible training videos developed by the New American Horizons Foundation.

Bow Valley College Canada ESL Literacy Readers
These 40 readers are an outstanding resource for beginning and emerging EAL literacy learners. The texts are arranged around everyday topics of interest to EAL literacy learners across 3 levels with 3 stages in each level. Topics range from going shopping, visiting the dentist to spending too much money. The early stage readers only have 30 words.

The readers can be printed out here for students to take home and practice. Make sure you read the print setting instructions in italics when you print them.

CALD Com Storyboards
Around 50 topics covered from aged care to eating well, staying healthy, living sustainably, and using water wisely.

Cielito’s ESL Literacy Website
Links to a wide range of sites for EAL Literacy learners arranged in topic areas.   Click on Pre Literacy for activities for beginning learners.

ESOL Teaching and Learning Materials
These generic learning materials developed in the UK are organised around themes and levels. Click on the level in the ESOL teaching and learning materials sidebar to find material arranged in themes. Although written for the British context many of the activities can be adapted or used as models for our learners. Dialogues are written up at end of course materials and could easily be recorded onto your Iphone with Australian accents.

Digital Literacy for Mobile Phones Kit
Free kit with five stand-alone modules consisting of separate teacher notes, audio files and student worksheets developed by AMES. Written for EAL learners but could be adapted for adult literacy learners.

English with Jennifer
Videos of ESOL lessons on pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation skills.

English Tenses
Animation helps explain how we use the different verb tenses in English.

Learn Typing
Free website catering for complete beginners to more advanced learners.

A Health Literacy Curriculum for ESOL Learners
This is the curriculum of the Queens Library Adult Learner Program suitable for intermediate level EAL learners.

Now You’re Talking- Community Language Cards
25 different language cards that contain cultural information, simple phrases in the community language and hints on pronunciation difficulties learners may face.

Smith Family Home Tutor Resources
Excellent local site of downloadable lesson plans and worksheets arranged under themes of culture, everyday life, literacy, politics and current affairs, children, teaching tools and work. Designed for EAL learners but some may be suitable for adult literacy learners.

Understanding Good Health
Topics include depression, anxiety, and heart disease. 

Apps & Other Tools

IPad in the ESL Classroom

The Essential Guide for Apps for Learning English as a Second Language

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